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Photo Gallery

Cedric Griss and Carlos Justiniano (shown) modified the hotel's cables in order to setup equipment.

ChessBrain creators Carlos Justiniano and Colin Frayn prepare for a long night of testing, just after meeting for the first time in person.

ChessBrain team views demo in hotel suite. Carlos Justiniano (at computer), Colin Frayn (right), Kenneth Geisshirt (top left), Mary Mcdermott and Peter Wilson look on. Cedric Griss (not shown) took the photo.

Cedric Griss (Distributed Computing Foundation) poses for an impromptu photo.

Carlos and Colin begin onsite testing.

Webcast group monitor machine settings.

DKUUG's members troubleshoot network configuration. Benny Kjærgaard shown on right using his BSD laptop.

Benny, Carlos and Colin examine network settings.

Benny pauses to look at the team during the initial setup.

Carlos and Colin meet with the event's validators to review (in detail) how ChessBrain works.

Validators examine how the ChessBrain statistics are tracked.

Validators watch as database is reset during a trial run.

Webcast group considers hardware connections.

Peter and Mary prepare official score sheets just before the event begins.

Press discuss event logistics.

Chess Grandmaster Peter Heine Nielsen patiently awaits the start of the game.

Peter Wilson (on right) jokes with GM Peter Nielsen while ChessBrain team works out early technical issues.

GM Peter Nielsen (on left) waits for Peter Wilson to confirm a move with the ChessBrain team who is in the room next door.

Game is underway and Colin, Carlos and Cedric await ChessBrain's next move.

Colin holds the fort while the rest of the team wanders around the event facilities.

DKUUG conference organizers, Kenneth Geisshirt and Hanne Schmidt Vilmann greet guest.

Audience views live game on the large screen projection in the auditorium.

Kenneth examines ChessBrain output and communication. The software used to communicate between team members was provided by ChessBrain sponsor, YTHK secure communications.

YTHK secure communications software running on notebook computer during the live event.

International Chess Arbitrators, Mary Mcdermott and Peter Wilson.

Event partipants meet with ChessBrain team for a brief Q&A session.

After 34 moves the game ends in a draw.

Peter Wilson and Peter Nielsen shake hands after the game.

Peter and Colin shake hands before the press and attendees.

The team gathers around to discuss the game.

Event validator, Professor Jens Clausen signs official score sheet for the Guinness World Records office.

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ChessBrain is co-developed by Carlos Justiniano (USA) and Colin Frayn (UK) with the support of thousands of individuals throughout the world. If you need to contact the authors directly you may use the contact information below. All other questions and comments should be directed to:

Carlos Justiniano
Colin Frayn

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