What is ChessBrain?

ChessBrain is a virtual chess supercomputer using the processing power of Internet connected machines.

On January 30th 2004 ChessBrain made history by becoming the first distributed network to play a game against a single human opponent.

Project Status

ChessBrain II is currently under development. The new design aims to be considerably more scalable.

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The ChessBrain project is powered by Open Source software, including the following key projects.

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Stage Four Stats (ChessBrain II)

September 11th 2005

Will begin once the new ChessBrain II software is available.

Stage Three Stats (Archive)

February 2004

The archive of Stage Three Stats can be found here

Stage Two Stats (Archive)

January 2004

The archive of Stage Two Stats can be found here

Stage One Stats (Archive)

September 2002

The archive of Stage Two Stats can be found here

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ChessBrain is co-developed by Carlos Justiniano (USA) and Colin Frayn (UK) with the support of thousands of individuals throughout the world. If you need to contact the authors directly you may use the contact information below. All other questions and comments should be directed to:


Carlos Justiniano
Colin Frayn

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