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ChessBrain announces its first official world record attempt.

December 3rd, 2003

The ChessBrain project, Newbury Park, California USA, December 3rd, 2003. The ChessBrain project announced today that it has formalized its intention to attempt a science and technology world record, in accordance with the requirements and guidelines set forth by the Guinness World Record office in London.

ChessBrain is the world's first distributed network of computers which work together to play Chess. ChessBrain will attempt to establish a world record, for the “Largest number of distributed computers used to play a single game”. The World Record office has confirmed that the event would be a world’s first and pending confirmation, a new world record would be established.

On Friday, January 30th, 2004 at the NordU USENIX 2004 conference in Copenhagen, Denmark, ChessBrain will play a live exhibition game against Chess Grandmaster Peter Nielsen.

"It is wonderful to see the very latest in distributed computer technology coming together with the centuries-old game of chess at the staging of a World Record attempt.", said chess organizer Peter Wilson.

The ChessBrain project offers free software, available for use under Microsoft Windows, Linux and Apple OSX computers, which will enable individuals to participate in the historic event. Once installed the software enables a machine to participate in the playing of the actual live game.

“This is a truly historic opportunity for technology enthusiast to directly participate in setting a new world record. We’re eager to break our unofficial record, established last November involving 846 computers from over 50 countries around the world.”, said ChessBrain Founder, Carlos Justiniano.

About ChessBrain

ChessBrain has become the first distributed computing network to play online chess. The ChessBrain project is a non-profit Internet experiment founded in January 2002, and supported by hundreds of individuals from over fifty different countries.

About the NordU 2004 Conference

The NordU conference brings together researchers, practitioners, system administrators, system programmers, developers and other interested in the latest advances in operating systems, Open/ Free software, Linux, BSD, Solaris, security and interoperability. For 5 years the NordU conference have been one of the leading conference and forum for system administrators and UNIX professionals to meet, learn, and exchange ideas on every aspect of computer and network management in the Nordic Area.


Carlos Justiniano, ChessBrain Founder
Peter Wilson, ChessBrain organizer
Kenneth Geisshirt, NordU conference Programme Chair, organizing committee

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